Tooth Fairy

My son lost his first tooth last weekend. Gone are the days when parents left a few coins under the pillow. Thanks to Pinterest, parents have a lot of pressure to make these special moments magical. Anyway, this is the little poem I wrote for my son:

You’ve lost your first tooth. You are such a big boy!

I’ve given you some coins so you can choose a new toy.

You’ve done a great job taking care of you teeth.

Now it’s time to care for the big teeth underneath.

Be sure to brush and floss each night.

So that your smile will always shine bright.


Re-stylize: the first step in my re-invention

The first thing I did once I was done teaching for the year was get a make-over. I changed my hair drastically  and cut about six inches off. It was the best thing I had done in a long time!

I had been thinking about it for a long time, but each time my appointment came up, I would back out and keep my long hair. I had an appointment booked in two weeks, when I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I messaged my hairdresser saying that if she happened to have a cancellation any time before my appointment that I would be interested. She messaged back saying that coincidentally she had an appointment for 12:45 that afternoon. Impulsively, I took it, called my in-laws to babysit and went to my appointment intending to chop off all my hair. I acted with a spontaneity that doesn’t normally rule my actions.

Before taking the first snip, my hairdresser kept asking if I was sure that I wanted to do this. I said yes, each time more convincingly. I was so happy with the result. I felt so good afterwards and people complimented and reacted positively towards me after that. Even two Moms at my sons’ swimming lessons, who I didn’t even know, came up and commented on how great my hair looked. It felt wonderful and truly renewed my spirit and attitude.

I realize many people think “it’s just hair”, but I don’t think enough women take the time to re-stylize their look. Take a risk. Be spontaneous. Try something new. The increased confidence and the positive energy will propel you forward to re-invent the other aspects of your lives.

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