Reinvention -taking time for myself

In the past 10 years since I began my teaching career, I have come to learn a lot about myself. I have become a mother to two rambunctious boys, now six and four. Having two kids has been the most difficult accomplishment of my life. It has tested what I am truly made of and what my values are. I have re-prioritized my life immensely finding myself struggling between being a good teacher and being the hands-on, present mother that I felt was so important. As a result, I decided to take a year sabbatical from teaching to be a mother and wife and to put my family first.

I felt an intense need to simplify our lives and to step off the hamster wheel. We were rushing around each morning and evening struggling to get everything done. My husband works as an engineer and with both of us working full-time, it was hard to keep it all together.

So, I am embarking on a full year off work with my youngest son beginning kindergarten. So many people, my husband included, have asked me what I will be doing all day when both kids are in school. I answer by saying that I will be fulfilling a somewhat vintage dream of being a house wife. Not many women have this aspiration these days, but I strongly feel an innate desire to take care of my family while putting my career on the back-burner for a year.

What will I be doing all day? First thing is focusing on myself. I kind of felt lost in recent years feeling like I was juggling too much and not succeeding at any of it. My theme for this year is “re-invention”. The first thing I will start doing is journaling through this blog documenting my activities and methods of reinvention. Hopefully, other women will relate and find inspiration to do the same.


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